Original documents

Should original documents be submitted with my Thai wife’s Australian partner visa application?

Your Thai wife should not supply original documents with her partner visa application, nor should you supply original documents with your sponsorship. If they are lost, then in some cases they may be impossible to replace. The exception however is that you must always supply the original police checks.
Certified copies

You should only supply certified copies of the original documents. If the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) requests the original documents then you should present the originals when requested to do so only. It is however advised that you should never send originals through the post if it can at all be avoided.

In Australia documents can be certified by anyone who can legally certify a statutory declaration. Outside Australia it is usually the local equivalent of a Justice of the Peace. All offshore posts will have people who can certify your original documents too.
Original documents in English

Another important consideration is that document submitted in languages other than English must be accompanied by an accurate English translation, as well as a certified copy of the original document.

The costs of certifying and translation of documents is payable by the applicant. In some cases, particularly when a partner visa application includes secondary applicants, then translation costs can be considerable.

Generally the cost of having documents translated from Thai to English is a third to half the cost in Thailand that what the same translation would cost in Australia. You should always check that the translator is qualified to give translations. If they are not accurate translations they will rejected. Furthermore of the translator if translating from a copy, then you must ensure that the translator is given the best quality copy possible to translate from.

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