My Thai girlfriend moving to Australia

If you are an Australian man who has met and entered into a relationship with a Thai woman, you may one day think about the idea of her coming to live with you in Australia. She may have already been to Australia to visit you and to test the waters – see how you two function as a couple in Australia. We always recommend that you do this first, as spending time in Thailand and spending time in Australia are two different things.

If everything has gone well and you want to take the next step you will probably want to consult an Australian migration expert to work out what option is best for you and your Thai girlfriend. Forward planning is very important because migration is usually a very complicated and lengthy process. If you and your Thai girlfriend make the decision that you want her to migrate to Australia you want to make sure you get it right the first time. Otherwise, poorly prepared applications can be delayed or refused.

Once you and your Thai girlfriend decide that she should move to Australia to be with you, your Migration Agent can look at your specific situation and advise on the best course of action. Choosing the best option to suit your situation is very important. There are a number of temporary (leading to permanent) visa options for couples, provided you and your Thai girlfriend meet the criteria. Applications are looked at in a holistic way so you and your girlfriend usually do not have to tick every box in order to be eligible. Having your girlfriend migrate to Australia to live with you permanently is not an impossible dream – it is something that can happen – your dreams can come true – provided you plan correctly.

Obviously, migrating to Australia is a serious endeavor and there are a lot of forms to fill out, supporting documentation to provide and checks to be made. When the girlfriend of an Australian man plans to apply for a “Fiancé” visa, for example, both the “Applicant” and the “Sponsor” are required to provide detailed personal information, as well as information about their families. The Applicant will also need to undergo health checks, criminal checks etc.

If your girlfriend has dependent children from a previous relationship she will be able to include them in her application provided she either has full custody or has the permission of the father. These and other issues mentioned above must be looked at carefully when you and your Thai girlfriend are making plans for her to move to Australia.

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