Including a child from a previous relationship

My Fillipino fiancé wants to include her child from a previous relationship on her Australian fiancé visa application, is this possible?

An applicant for an Australian fiancé visa (prospective marriage visa – subclass 300) may include their dependent child or children in their visa application as secondary applicants. The applicant will be known as the primary applicant, and the child or children will be known as the secondary applicants.

A combined application

If the fiancé visa application has more than one applicant it is referred to as a combined application. All primary and secondary applicants must satisfy all of their criteria for the grant of the visa or the whole application may be refused.

It is very important to note that all of the applicant’s dependants must meet Australia’s character and health requirements whether they are included in the application or not. If one fails, then they all fail is the general rule.

How old is the child?

In order for a child to be considered a dependent child of the applicant, then certain criteria must be satisfied. Firstly, the child must be under 18 years of age. If however they are over 18 years, they can still be included as your dependent, but you must be able to evidence that they are wholly or substantially dependent upon the applicant, for their basic leaving needs, such as food, clothing and housing for example.

Include a birth certificate

An applicant will need to provide evidence that their child is in fact their dependent child. A certified copy of each child’s birth certificate must be submitted with the application. If the birth certificate is in a language other than English, then a translated copy must be submitted as well as a certified copy of the original birth certificate.

In most cases your Fillipino fiancé can include her dependent children in the fiancé visa application before the application is lodged. They may however be able to add their dependent child after the application is lodged but before a determination is made on it.
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