The Australian Fiancé visa

The Australian Fiancé visa is a highly specific visa which requires a considerable number of legal criteria to be met. For example, the visa must be applied for outside of Australia. The visa Applicant must also be outside of Australia when the application is submitted and granted. The Fiancé visa is valid for 9 months during which time the holder of this visa must enter Australia and marry their fiancé.

The Australian Fiancé visa is a great visa which will allow the Applicant to enter and leave Australia as many times as they wish within the visa validity period. The holder of an Australian Fiancé visa is allowed to work unlimited hours and study. After you marry your Fiancé you can then proceed to apply for a Partner visa.

A Fiancé visa will be granted or rejected based upon the specific circumstances of the Applicant and their fiancé. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is concerned with many factors, including the genuineness of the relationship, the character and health of the Applicant, as well as the financial capabilities of both the Applicant and Sponsor. DIAC will make enquiries based upon these and other issues. Unless strict guidelines are followed and all enquiries are satisfied it is highly likely that a visa application will be rejected. A significant amount of supporting documentation is required. If even one supporting document is missing significant delays can be experienced, to say the least.

At Australian Visa Advice, our training and experience will take the stress and confusion out of what can be a complex procedure. We often take on clients who have had their visa applications rejected because they have either tried to obtain the visa themselves or used unqualified and inexperienced Migration Agents. They have wasted precious time and money.

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